Socrates Sculpture

by Blue Cast Catalyst

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The story of Socrates Sculpture is the 24-month journey of a former gig-musician turned pop-composer who, with the help of the network of Blue Cast Catalyst musicians, crafts a peculiar and yet euphorically-warm, electronic sunshine-pop masterpiece, by ripping open the mind of a demure and deliberate New York City corporate worker-bee turned psychedelic composer, all while guffawing at existence.

Self-releasing Socrates Sculpture independently and channeling a subversive and recluse Wallace Stevens’ persona, the album exploits its composer’s pin-striped, peak-lapel world as an inspiration for its satirical lyrics, combined with densely-packed, psychedelic, sunshine pop; inspired by the likes of The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Panda Bear, Caribou, The Talking Heads, and so on.

This is the prologue to Socrates Sculpture. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do; it truly is an invitation to let go.


released June 17, 2014

Socrates Sculpture is the child of:
Adam Trull
John Deming
Matt Soucy
Matt Maynard
Danny Bedrosian
Jon Picken
Melinda Wilson



all rights reserved


Blue Cast Catalyst New York, New York

Blue Cast Catalyst is the moniker of the NYC-based indie-electronic band formed by producer Adam Trull. BCC’s music yields a perfect portrayal of Trull’s drifting musical mind: dreamy, trip-hop infused synthesizer symphonies; a marriage of Panda Bear and Massive Attack; immersive pirouetting synthesizer-melodies; recklessly twisting between quietly-reflective and semi-controlled explosiveness. ... more

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Track Name: Surrender Love
Wake up.

Was I young enough in this olden town?
This evil ink it holds me down.
And I long for days; I'm asking for.
But I'm back and forth, but I'm back and forth.
Your silver spoon; your grimy sound.
I'm a working man in this golden town
Your arrogance: a faux disgrace
I'll hold you down and wash your face.

Because I won't surrender love.

New York you came to me a broken-wing dis-symphony
I'm just not the man you're bidding for.
Track Name: Dixie
It was caustic and now burnt numb.
The ages drift away, the kerosene runs.
And I can’t imagine a day as still as that.
I held it down, a liar’s pact.
And when I failed, your hands were drenched.
This saline smile; this plastic wrench.

And with you, you, you I'll wash away.

You follow me down reaching for my parachute.
If everything biodegrades then why don't you.
“Cos I'm half the man that I would've been”, I'm thinking while I'm tumbling through the sky.
Baby I'm a live grenade in a cabaret, watching my luck run dry.

Cos with you, you, you, I'll wash away.

And with you, you, you, I'll wash away.
Track Name: Agree Machines
You're afraid to be alone,
Cos that would make you see the fold.
So we're dipping our souls in molds of silicone.
That's what we hear on TV while it's dripping from our bones.

Boiled and brazed we're Agree Machines.

“Everything is good enough”, I say it every day.
Take another Ritalin, drink the day away.

And I look down at the pot of gas,
While everyone around here starts to laugh.
It's just a notion I hope you grasp:
We're living in a pattern that never will last.

Does anyone know what made us?
Track Name: Crystalline Spatial Dimensions
I guess I know it's just a life;
If everything is on fire.
Cos I'm just a part of this stupid design.
Cos I found myself stuck between a couple lies.

I just want a little bit of snow.

I know it's wrong, but I subside
Because how many subway stops can I keep letting go by?
Or is this fate, cos I can't tell.
Because I just keep on holding down my blood cells.

I just want a little bit of snow.

So I reach out my hand outside my window.
The sky begins to break in blows the winter.
Track Name: To Follow Suit
Where's the blonde? The blue has gone.
Every day I'm further.
I roll the dice I rationalize;
Spinning around the room with fervor.
And I can untie this silver lace,
But it reminds me of empty days.
Drawn in by orange flames,
I'm watching it burn up

I tried to lie not over you.
In time I'll try to follow suit.

I was watching the door,
How stupid I seem.
And I wasn't drunk before,
I was just bored to sleep
And I never knew, I never knew what I wouldn't see
I was standing on the bridge looking down at my feet.

I tried to lie not over you.
In time I'll try to follow suit.
Track Name: Dresden Novel
Jim-Jones-Fools are looping around my head.
Sworn to hide the lies of your only friend.
Eat the kids, await the end.
Lives burn how many thousand dead?
I guess when you choked the throat it was all for him.

Sky unfolds a bare design;
One step more and we rewind.

And living is.

It’s just that living is an absolute,
Just ask Jeff down on Boylston.
Track Name: Foolish
Seeing the road to how we grow is an ode to incomparable
And how you held me up high while I began to model your role.
Love is more than what you made of, of the family tree
It’s the bandages you hold; it's the bookends the seams
I've been looking up for miles and miles and I finally know

I find that you’re an ocean.
Every day I float away into the open.

Barely reach the pedals you were watching the handles,
All of us were falling you were helping us untangle.

I lost my lie.
Track Name: Like Pink Skies
Jon Picken:
My name's not important but I'm here to spray,
Love, shots, and rockets for my copper babe.
Chemical pellets and bullets and pillow-talk of grenades.
Big booty behind I set your block ablaze.
Literally, I let a release on exotic targets,
Watching climax over markets; write taxes off it.
She rocks a crown around, spikes poking out her head.
She set fire to the blue sky make a cadaver red.
She's not black or white; she's more like sea-green.
And everything she do, she see green.
She so pristine like a Sistine Chapel; fitting a feminine figure.
She owns a book to make it look like she could think bigger.
You hear she echo; echo chamber jet flow.
I see too many movie fantasies of her wet though.
She's so swell, me soul sold to sole cell, me loathe shells,
Fire rhymes of hot-hell for my glorified bell.

Adam Trull:
Sometimes I fall in love with shells.

Life is just an absentee falling for the symphony.
Pygmalion to ivory: pray for flesh and entropy.
Track Name: Dandelion
Carbon machine
Caught in the breeze

All we have to know
Is ashes in the road
Momentary vogue
Fleeing is pagoda

Caught in the nightmare
Reject the deathbed
Track Name: Epilogue
And I can't erase
This purposed mind.
You're huddled in vain;
Gentle lie.
There's enough to make you sane.
There's enough to take your life.
And I can't realize the heaviness
Behind your eyes.

I wish you weren't waiting for the credits.